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Absolutely YES! TFC experts check carefully every product to guarantee their authenticy.

We work with DHL Express and they request all this info to guarantee the best shipping experience. If you place an order with a registered account we will get the info from your account. Shippings for some countries ask for ID Number or birth date to accelerate the shipping process.

If you place your order as a guest account: all boxes haves to be completed to guarantee a correct shipping experience.

Our main office is located in Europe. We are shipping worldwide everyday within next working day.

A whole life loving Track and Field world and after more than 20 years as a collectors we have got the best contacts in the world. We are receiving offers every day. Everyone who haves an exclusive Track & Field product can sell to us. (Please check the SELL option).

Every product we get pass a high inspection to verify their authenticy and condition before to be accepted.

Our packages are being sent by DHL Express Worldwide Shipping Service (except for India, Russia PO BOX and AFO/FPO addresses).

Orders from India and Russia: due to the Indian and Russian governments importation laws and the special conditions for AFO/FPO addresses, your package will be shipped by Standard National Post tracked. 

DHL Express Worldwide Shipping Service is the faster shipping service we have ever experienced. You will get an email with the estimated delivery time as soon your package is processed by our team.

We always describe the product condition in the description page. Product page are personalized and reflect exactly what is the real condition. Sometimes we also provide measures. If the condition is declared as used, we will be sure to show every wear sign they can have. Please note that all products declared as used are washed and disinfected before being sold due to our hygienic and quality standards. Smell can be different than a new product. If you want to know more info about a product, please contact us.