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Adidas 2024 Pro Elite Team W RHEON Speedsuit


The same one being used by professional athletes under contract with Adidas International Team during the 2024 season.

  • 100% Authentic
  • Color: Aurora Black/Black/Pink/Yellow
  • Shell: 83% Polyester – 17% Spandex / Lining insert: 88% Polyester – 12% Spandex
  • RHEON technology
  • Zipper at chest
  • Made in Portugal

Size Women

  • SS


  • Never WornNever Worn


adidas x RHEON™

When we tap into our full potential, we can achieve the impossible.

Introducing the new Adizero Control x RHEON™ high-tech apparel range.

Designed to focus your muscles’ energy, made to win.

The difference between glory & pain? 1%.

It doesn’t take long to see the impact just 1% can have in elite running.

Here the best in the world go toe to toe, the athletes who have sacrificed everything to get where they are today & cruelly where fractions of a second often determine the difference between glory & pain.

It only takes a brief look at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics results to see that this is a world that is defined by fine margins

0.8% – The difference between 1st & 4th place in the women’s marathon. (78 seconds).
0.6% – The difference between 1st & 4th place in the men’s 1500m. (1.24 seconds)
0.1% – The difference between 1st & 4th place in the men’s 5000m. (1.02 seconds)

Our question was simple, could we save that 1%.

Born out of a biomechanics lab

Our hypothesis was simple, when you move, you want the most efficient force transmission possible.

You want all your force to work with you, not against you.

However, the reality is much different. When we move, our muscles shear. In high-intensity movements, this shearing effect causes our muscles to become misaligned from their most efficient path, in other words, your body starts to work against you.

Our hypothesis was refined by academic research partners over the coming years, but our belief remained simple.

If we could control this muscle shear, you’re going to see an effect on performance.

Focus your muscles’ energy

Introducing a new era of hi-tech support, engineered with RHEON™.

Strips of the highly strain-rate sensitive RHEON™ polymer are strategically placed across major muscle groups.

The RHEON™ strips adapt to support your muscles in high-intensity movements, to give you support exactly when you need it most.

Designed to focus your muscles’ energy. Made to win.

A new era of support is here.