Dreams come true!

How many times have you dreamed to get the same gear as your idols?

We make it real! Explore our website and social media sites and find your dreamed limited and exclusive products only made for the best athletes in the world.

Our mission is to provide athletes and enthusiasts with access to the finest track and field apparel, shoes and spikes, bridging the gap between aspiration and reality. We envision a world where every athlete can find the gear that not only meets their needs but also inspires them to achieve their best.


We think this is something that defines us. We love our clients and you deserves the best.

Every single thing you’ll buy here it’s 100% authentic. This authenticity has been checked by us before putting the product on sale. Our products are collectibles and very limited. 

We hope you will find in our website your wanted gem. Now you are closest to feel like your idols!

Our history

As our name says we are a company dedicated to the collecting of track and field clothes.

A whole life dedicated to the track and field world, as athletes, then coaches, collectors and obviously super fans, TFC started as our hobby. Collecting gear since 1996, we posted the first picture from our collection in 2012. It was a Jamaica singlet picture and it was posted in our personal social media feed. Our friends were very interested to get one and we started helping others to get their dreamed gear as well.

There started our hobby, collecting track and field clothes and offering to some friends, little by little people start to reach out to us to get those unique pieces.

We started creating the products nomenclature and gradually more people contacted us interested in buy & sell those limited products but, we were not ready to take the big step and turn our hobby into our job.

Finally, in 2020, we decide to take the plunge and start with the formalization of the brand through the creation of a logo, registration of the brand and creation of a website. It has taken us a long time to get everything as we wanted, but here we are, ready to offer you the best possible service.


We would be nothing without all those people who have supported us and made us get here. We are proud of our worldwide customers and suppliers who help us day by day to grow and improve ourselves.

Some of them have been with us for quite some time. They began to support us when this was a hobby and they are still here, supporting us by today and becoming part of this family.

Nevertheless, you’ll may be new here, maybe you haven’t heard about us before, so WELCOME to our little big family!

We are happy to have you here and hope you can find the unique product you are searching for. We’ll try to give our best, and give you the closest and most personalized service possible. For any doubt you can reach out us through our Instagram, you’ll find an instant service.

You can see some of our client’s reviews here.

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